Country Caramel Envy™ Apples

Time & Servings
2 servings
10 min ready time =
10 min preparation
  • 3 Envy™ apples 9775
    Apples Envy 907G
    $4.96 • Ea
  • Caramel Dip 9776
    Compliments Sundae Topping Caramel 428ML
    $4.49 • Ea
  • Crushed Pecans 9777
    Compliments Chopped Pecans 100G
    $6.74 • Ea

Carve round Envy™ apple pieces using melon ball scoop starting at the skin and rotating inwards.

Insert one toothpick stick into each round Envy™ apple piece.

Place crushed pecans in small bowl.

Roll round Envy™ apple pieces into caramel dip and then roll into crushed pecans.

Place coated Envy™ apple bites on serving tray and refrigerate until just prior to serving.

Equipment needed:

  • Melon Ball Scoop
  • Long Toothpick Sticks