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Frozen Dumplings

Assi Cooked Veg Dumpling 아씨 알찬만두(야채) 675G
$5.84 / Each
Assi Frozen Cooked Red Bean 아씨 쑥호빵 225G
$3.04 / Each
Assi Jumbo Dumpling Skin 아씨 찹쌀 왕만두피 310G
$3.40 / Each
Assi Vegetable Dumpling Beef Flavour 아씨 새댁만두 675G
$6.09 / Each
Assi Vegetable Dumpling For Pan Frying 아씨 군만두 1.5KG
$17.07 / Each
Assi Vegetable Dumpling 아씨 군만두 1KG
$12.19 / Each
Chungjungone Hot Pepper & Chinese Noodle Dumpling 청정원 고추잡채 군만두 680G
$8.53 / Each
Chungjungwon Hot Pepper & Chinese Noodle Dumpling 청정원 고추잡채 군만두 680G
$8.53 / Each
CJ Beef & Vegetable Dumplings CJ 왕교자만두 24OZ
$14.63 / Each
CJ Fully Cooked Vegetable & Meat Dumplings CJ 군만두(CJ牌速食菜肉水餃) 2LB
$14.02 / Each
CJ Meat & Vegetable Dumplings CJ 쌀군만두 810G
$14.02 / Each
CJ Pork & Vegetable Dumplings CJ 왕교자만두 32OZ
$14.63 / Each
Doll Spring Roll Pastry 스프링롤 200G
$2.43 / Each
Lee's Vegetable Dumpling-leek 이씨네 부추손만두 1.3KG
$17.07 / Each
Pulmuone Leek & Noodle Fried Dumpling 풀무원 부추잡채 군만두 720G
$12.19 / Each
Samlip Spicy Vermicelli Dumpling 삼립 고추잡채만두 675G
$6.09 / Each
SingSing Hand Made Pork Steam Dumpling 싱싱 돼지 손 물만두 1KG
$15.85 / Each
Wings Wonton Wrap 궁중만두피 400G
$3.04 / Each
Yissine Kimchi Dumpling 이씨네 김치맛 손만두 1.3KG
$14.02 / Each

Frozen Noodles

Kfood Sanuki Udon 케이푸드 사누끼 우동 (5PK) 230G
$7.31 / Each
Samlip Frozen Udon 삼립 후레쉬냉동우동면 1KG
$5.48 / Each
Shirakiku Frozen Udon 시라키쿠 일본식 냉동우동 1.25KG
$7.06 / Each
Shirakiku Japanese Udon 시라키쿠 냉동우동 1.25KG
$7.92 / Each
Sundelic Sanuki Udon Mini 썬델릭 사누키 미니우동 1KG
$7.31 / Each
Yissine Seafood Udon 이씨네 해물우동 690G
$6.09 / Each

Frozen Meat & Poultry

Galleria Beef Brisket Point for Hotpot 냉동 소고기 샤브샤브용 차돌박이 (冷凍牛卷) ~1LB
$14.75 / Each
Galleria Beef Brisket Point 냉동 소고기 구이용 차돌박이 (冷凍牛片) ~1.6LBS
$16.17 / Each
Galleria Beef Rib Eye for Hotpot 냉동 소고기 샤브샤브용 꽃등심 (冷凍牛眼肉卷) ~1.12LBS
$13.29 / Each
Galleria Pork Belly Thin Green Single Ribbed 냉동 얇은 그린 꽃갈비 삼겹살 ~2.9LBS
$33.51 / Each
Galleria Pork Shoulder for Hotpot 냉동 돼지고기 샤브샤브용 목살 (冷凍梅頭肉卷) ~1.1LBS
$12.22 / Each
Galleria Previously Frozen Beef Rib Eye Sliced 소고기 불고기용 꽃등심 (冷凍牛眼肉) ~3LBS
$31.72 / Each

Frozen Seafood

Anchor's Bay Clam Meat 앵커스베이 조개살 340G
$4.25 / Each
Aqua Star Frozen Seafood Medley 어부형제 황금비율 해물모듬 340G
$6.70 / Each
Assi Frozen Baby Octopus 아씨 냉동쭈꾸미 341G
$7.31 / Each
Assi Frozen Oyster 아씨 냉동생굴 3LB
$42.69 / Each
Assi Frozen Oyster 아씨 냉동생굴 567G
$17.68 / Each
Assi Imitation Crab 아씨 게맛 1KG
$9.75 / Each
Assi Monk Fish 아씨 토막아구 680G
$10.97 / Each
Assi Sliced Small Octopus 아씨 즉석 낙지볶음 454G
$15.85 / Each
Boneless Lightly Salted Mackerel 뼈없는 저염 고등어 1LB
$19.50 / Each
Chamjoeun Frozen Fried Fish Cake Square 참좋은 부산어묵 사각 1KG
$8.53 / Each
Chamjoeun Frozen Fried Fish Cake Stick 참좋은 꼬어묵 1KG
$9.75 / Each
Dried Small Anchovy 자연원 지리멸치 454G
$36.58 / Each
Fresh Non-Salted Mackerel Fillet Norway 냉장 뼈없는 무염고등어_조림구이용_노르웨이산 1EA
$10.35 / Each
Fresh Salted Mackerel Pike Taiwan 냉장 자반꽁치_구이용_대만산 1LB
$7.30 / Each
Fresh Salted Spanish Mackerel US 냉장 자반삼치_구이용_미국산 1LB
$9.74 / Each
Frozen Alaska Pollock 냉동 동태_알라스카산 1EA
$3.64 / Each
Frozen Imitation Crab Sticks 참좋은 게맛살 454G
$4.26 / Each
Frozen Pollack With Roe 알박이 동태 1LB
$12.91 / Each
Frozen Whole Squid Argentina 냉동 선동통오징어_아르헨티나산 1EA
$7.91 / Each
Kfood Fish Ball 케이푸드 피쉬볼 454G
$6.09 / Each
Kfood Fried Fish Ball 케이푸드 튀긴 피쉬볼 454G
$6.09 / Each
Octopus 냉동 문어 1.2LBS
$25.17 / Each
Yellow Croaker 부산 참굴비 10마리 黃花魚 10PC
$47.57 / Each