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Packaged Seafood

Galleria Cleaned Squid Tube Argentina 손질된 오징어_아르헨티나산 ~1.13LBS
$15.92 / Each
Galleria Fresh Non-Salted Brown Croaker Guyana 무염민어 구이아나 ~1.73LBS
$16.90 / Each
Galleria Fresh Salmon Steak Atlantic 냉장 연어스테이크_대서양산 (新鮮三文魚排) ~.58LBS
$17.54 / Each
Galleria Fresh Salted Brown Croaker Guyana 냉장 자반민어 구이아나 ~1.4LBS
$13.66 / Each
Galleria Fresh Salted Cutlass Fish US 생물 자반 갈치 미국산 ~1LB
$13.30 / Each
Galleria Fresh Salted Mackerel Norway 냉장 자반 고등어 노르웨이산 ~.53LBS
$11.75 / Each
Galleria Salmon Sashimi Canada 연어회(사시미) 캐나다 ~.46LBS
$15.31 / Each
Galleria Salted Yellow Croaker China 냉장 자반참조기 중국산 (新鮮鹽漬黃花魚) ~1.38LBS
$15.12 / Each
Galleria Whelk Meat Cooked From Canada 골뱅이(캐나다) ~.6LBS
$16.36 / Each