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Packaged Seafood

Aurora Anchovy Paste 56G
$2.38 / Chaque
Central Epicure Salted Herring 300G
$2.67 / Chaque
Chelsea Cod Fillets Boned Salted 908G
$24.39 / Chaque
Chelsea Salted Cod Bits Boned 454G
$7.31 / Chaque
Compliments Shrimp Pacific White 31-40 340G
$9.75 / Chaque
Compliments Shrimp Platter 41-50 1EA
$24.56 / Chaque
Compliments Shrimp Ring with Sauce 312G
$12.19 / Chaque
Northern King Cooked White Shrimp 100/200 340G
$8.54 / Chaque
Northern King Fillet Alaskan Pollock 908G
$4.87 / Chaque
Northern King Imitation Crab Meat 200G
$1.55 / Chaque
Ocean Perch Fillets 1KG
$15.79 / Chaque
Sensations Coconut Breaded Shrimp 340G
$13.41 / Chaque
Sensations Extra Large Black Tiger Shrimp 26-30 Cooked 454G
$19.12 / Chaque
Sensations Extra large Black Tiger Shrimp 26-30 UnCooked 454G
$18.29 / Chaque
Sliced Smoked Salmon ~90-100G
$9.38 / Chaque
Tilapia Fillets 2 Pieces ~227G
$13.41 / Chaque
Trans Ocean King Crab Flake Style 227G
$4.26 / Chaque
Trans Ocean King Crab Leg Style 227G
$5.48 / Chaque
Trans Ocean Lobster Chunk Style 227G
$4.17 / Chaque