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Plates, Bowls, Cups & Flatware

Polar Plastic Signature Plates 50PK
$23.17 / Each
Dailyware Galassia Glassware Set 16PCS
$21.95 / Each
Royal Chinet Paper Plates 8.75 Inch White (150PK) 1EA
$22.56 / Each
Royal Chinet Dinner Plates 10 Inch White (150PK) 1EA
$29.27 / Each
Kirkland Crystal Clear Cutlery 360 Pieces Box 1EA
$23.17 / Each
iECO 100% Compostable Plastic Cups 7oz (300PK) 1EA
$18.29 / Each
Dixie Hot Cups 12oz (200PK) 1EA
$24.39 / Each
Cafe Express Foam Cups 10oz (300PK) 1EA
$18.90 / Each
Kirkland Chinet The Big Red Cups 18oz Extra Strong (240PK) 1EA
$19.51 / Each
Solo Cafe To Go Disposable Cups With Lids 12oz (102PK) 1EA
$17.70 / Each
Gourmet Settings Bistro Flatware 60 Piece Set 1EA
$67.09 / Each
Dixie Bath Cups 3oz (600PK) 1EA
$13.44 / Each
Reflections Plastic Silverware (160PK) 1EA
$14.04 / Each
Masterpiece Plastic Plates Variety Pack White (50PK) 1EA
$23.17 / Each
Bormioli Rocco Verona Glassware 16 Pieces Set 1EA
$21.25 / Each
Yamazaki Hostess Serving Set 5 Pieces 1EA
$33.06 / Each
Argentia Ridge Wine Glasses 255ML (48PK) 1EA
$11.80 / Each